2021 Delivery Schedule

Due to abnormal demand, the availability of birds is low. Your local MB Country Living will be able to best inform you on availability. Thank you for your patience!

Sold Out Listings

Below is an ongoing list of birds that are sold out for certain delivery dates. Demand is extremely high for chicks and chickens, so we recommend placing orders in-store or over the phone as early as possible for your desired delivery date. Some sold-out dates may become available again, so check back often.

Day Olds Started Layers (7 weeks) Ready To Lay (18-20 weeks)

Sept 21-Ducks, Pheasants, Orlopp Bronze, Mini White and Artisan Gold Turkeys
Limited Availability-
Large White turkeys

Oct 5- All turkeys, ducks and pheasants

All remaining dates (June-Oct)
currently sold out*.
*Depending on availability, some breeds may become available again, so please check-in weekly. 

Sept 21all sold out
Oct 5- Red Sex Link & cockerels available only.