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    Made from pulp that remains after sugar has been removed from sugar beet

    • A high calorie, low protein, low sugar fiber source for horses.
    • Beet pulp is a great way to increase fiber in your horse or other livestock’s diet.
    • Fiber helps provide animals with energy to grow, work, and play and is often fed as a supplement to help underweight horses gain weight.
    • Beet pulp can also provide your horse with the extra energy it needs to recover from injury or illness.
    • *All beet pulp should be soaked for min. 30 minutes, pellets swell when wet*


    Beet Pulp, Dried, Molasses


    Crude Protein 6 % Min

    Crude Fat 0.3% Min

    Crude Fiber 25% Max

    Moisture 12% Max

    Inverted Sugars

    Composed only of dried sugar beet residue after extraction of sugar.