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    Finish Line Apple A-Day Electrolytes help promote healthy hydration in your horse.

    • They replace required electrolytes that are lost during sweating, urination, and defecation.
    • These electrolytes contain no sugars, artificial colours, or fillers which means this product is more concentrated, so you feed less.
    • This proven electrolyte promotes healthy water consumption and replenishes electrolyte salts which are required for proper hydration and improved appetites as well as proper nerve and muscle function.
    • With following feeding directions on the container, electrolyes can be given mixed in water or can be added to feed. If given with feed, make sure your horse will eat it all. Try mixing with a small amount of feed anf then feed the rest.


    Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium (min): 5.9% Calcium (max): 6.9% Salt (min): 36.5% Salt (max): 19% Potassium (min): 12% Magnesium (min): 0.5% Manganese (min): 300pm Zinc (min): 40ppm Iron (min): 100pm Copper (min): 10ppm Cobalt (min): 0.3ppm