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    Gamgee® Absorbent Pad is made of 100% cotton wool with non-woven cover for wound dressing, support, padding, protection & insulation. Indicated for use on horses, dogs and cats.

    • Ideal for equine first aid kit. Low adherent surface so fibers won't stick to wound; highly absorbent and strong.
    • For use on small and large animals. Supports and protects fetlocks, hocks and tendons; helps protect legs from injury.
    • Insulation/warmth that keeps muscles/tendons warm for exercising, competition, traveling; promotes circulation for improved healing.
    • Size: 12" x 11.5'. Hospital quality 100% cotton roll with a non-woven, durable, low-adherent cover helps prevent bandage from sticking to wound and helps keep cotton fibers out of the wound site.
    • Minimizes wound disruption and provides a fiber and particle barrier.

    Highly absorbent. Strong (even when wet) protective padding. Autoclavable: can be cut to size and sterilized (steam or EO). Used as a wound dressing, protective padding or for warmth/insulation. Indicated for use on horses, dogs and cats.