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    Earlier, more uniform blooming and more vigorous than other mixtures.

    • Only available in Niagara on the Lake, Stevensville and Fonthill. Purchase in store only.
    • This mixture combines pure white, yellows, pinks, blues, purples and many bicolors that produce flowers earlier and more uniformly than other columbine mixtures.
    • GARDEN HINTS: For earlier blooming, sow seeds indoors in a well-lighted area about 8 weeks before last expected heavy spring frost.
    • Pre-chilling seeds increases germination.

    With the Burpee Harlequin Mix Columbine Seed colorful, long-spurred blossoms on dainty plants are easy to grow. These perennials produce from late spring to early summer. These flowers spring up in shades of whites, yellows, pinks, blues, purples and several bi-color combinations.

    Mixed-colored, long-spurred blossoms on dainty plants

    Designed to grow in partially-shaded areas

    Approximate 22 - 30 day germination period

    Can bloom after about 12 weeks

    Plant 10 in. apart

    Can grow up to 36 in.

    For earlier bloom, start indoors 8 weeks before last heavy spring frost