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    Leaves impart flavour to iced drinks, sauces, vegetables and lamb.

    • Only available in Niagara on the Lake, Stevensville and Fonthill. Purchase in store only.
    • They used mint teas medicinally for headaches, indigestion and to help them sleep.
    • Mint is also an excellent culinary addition and makes a great teas for the pure pleasure of it.
    • As a general rule, mint family plants root vigorously when allowed to grow freely and can be invasive.
    • Grow them in containers to keep them in check

    Use as a splendid flavoring for hot or iced tea. Adds zest to carrots and beets. An infusion of the leaves makes excellent jelly. Perennial, zones 3-10.


    Light: partial shade/ sun

    Height: 18-24 in.

    Plant depth: lightly cover

    Germinates: 7-14 days

    Spacing: 18 in.

    Start indoors 8-10 weeks before last anticipated spring frost, best confined to large containers or set where its rapid growth will not intrude on other plants, can be grown in pots indoors