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    HEIRLOOM. Introduced in 1894, it defined a whole new class of lettuce.

    • Only available in Niagara on the Lake, Stevensville and Fonthill. Purchase in store only.
    • Iceberg quickly became the great American lettuce, prized by gardeners and farmers alike for the crisphead variety firm, packed heads and knack for retaining freshness, flavour, and crunch.
    • Cool-green, medium-sized heads with fringed, ruffled outer leaves have pale, silvery-white hearts.
    • Unrivalled for crispiness.
    • Thrives in cooler weather.

    The Burpee Lettuce Crisphead Iceberg A Seed can be used to grow crisp, firm heads of lettuce that can be enjoyed in salads. The mature vegetable has compact, medium-sized heads with light-green, fringed, heavily savoyed outer leaves.

    Crisp and firm lettuce can be used for salads

    Designed to grow in sunny areas

    Approximate 10 - 21 day germination period

    Can be harvested after approximately 6 weeks

    Plant 8 in. apart

    Can grow up to 12 in.

    Compact, medium-sized heads have light green, fringed and heavily savoyed outer leaves

    Heart leaves blanch silvery white

    Grows best in cool weather